Stem Cylinder Floating Candle Vases

tmp_18582-2016-06-17 20.45.09-1019026796stem-float-candle-bridaltrio-stem-floating-candlestmp_18582-2016-06-17 20.46.35-595039506Trio Stemmed Cylinder Floating Candle Vases:
-$12 set of 3 glass vases only (cup 8cmD x 10cmH, total heights 20cm, 25cm & 30cmH)
-$18 set of 3 vases + 6cm large floating candles (8hrs burning)
-$5ea artificial rose garland (1.2mL)
-$3ea artificial ivy leave vine (3mL)
-$3ea round 30cm mirror base

Simple & elegant centerpieces for bridal table or long guest table arrangements.
*All prices for DIY hire (3 days), setup & delivery not included.